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Passion, technology and continuous attention innovation, to bring well-being in the homes of all.

This is Sirt today.

A meeting place for those who want to surround themselves with beauty, comfort and health.
A qualified and qualified partner for designers, architects, engineers and plumbers.
A company capable of growing and becoming a pole of attraction for the best brands of bathroom furniture, heating, flooring and much more.
In half a century of history, Sirt has changed along with the needs and to the wishes of people, evolving from small family reality great reference point for those who design, builds or lives a house.
That’s why today, with its over 7000 square meters of extension, Sirt is one of the most important protagonists of the market.
With a show room that’s as big as it is fascinating in search of the finest pieces for style and originality.
With a warehouse where efficiency and organization allow to ensure the constant presence of thousands of accessories and spare parts.
And with a team of consultants ready to support customers and offer solutions tailored to every environment: the most comfortable, the most advanced, the most sustainable.

Those capable of improving not only the quality of life but also the quality of the environment.

For an increasingly rich future of well-being, in your home

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