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More breathing space for your town


The re-planning of private and public spaces within a unique urban context may offer an opportunity to find new ways to make the most out of the subsurface, to the advantage of the entire community.
The realization of underground garage areas in neighborhood with chronic shortage of spaces to park, both in private or public contexts.
An underground car park is undoubtedly is one of the requalification works most appreciated by the community; it allows to increase the available surface for the community to use, while at the same time benefit from adding attractiveness and improving the functional and architectonic level of the surface area where the intervention has taken place.
Because of this, CEI Costruzioni Generali S.p.A. has always been particularly interested in finding opportunity in this specific area. 

In OUR site are illustrated only a few of our many construction projects.


LOCATION:                       Torino verona 9

TIPOLOGY:                       construction of showrooms and warehouses

                                     and renovation offices


CLIENT:                           sirt srl

DESIGNERS:                      Arch. modonese cinzia (building)

                                     arch. luciano marco (interior)


LOCATION:                         Torino via bardonecchia 112

TIPOLOGY:                       STUDENT APARTMENTS

CLIENT:                           ETRA

DESIGNERS:                     ARCH. modonese cinzia

foto arcaplanet_edited.jpg

LOCATION:                         Torino via san paolo

TIPOLOGY:                       total renovation of the building

CLIENT:                           arcaplanet SPA

DESIGNERS:                     h.m.y. italia SRL

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