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In the heart of Turin, along the elegant via Roma, and precisely in the block of via dell’Arcivescovado, on the corner between via Roma and via Amendola, we performed the preservation and restoration of the Società Reale Mutua di Assicurazioni building façade.


The restoration project included the consolidation of the facade, followed by low-pressure, low-temperature washing.


The use of basic ph detergents, preventing further damage to the stone support, bringing it to its original state.


Crevices, clefts, and minor fissures of the stone covering sheets were treated with elastomers blended with marble dust and natural pigments.

The granite colonnade was cleaned with low-pressure washings, soaked with ammonium carbonate diluted in silica.ù


The highly-ferric, rusty stone parts were treated with special iron phosphatizing products.


The entire stone support and colonnade on via Roma was protected with hydro-repellant treatment, infused to complete absorption.


The plaster, once stripped of paint were coated with potassium silicate paint.


Railings and balconies were treated with detergents, deoxidants, and buffers, highlighting the details of the copper- brass profiles.

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