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In the heart of Turin, the Torre Littoria is the tallest residential building of the city.


Designed by architect Armando Melis de Villa and engineer Giovanni Bernocco between 1933 and 1934, as part of the reconstruction of via Roma.


It was the first building to be built on a steel frame in Turin.


The restoration project included preventive maintenance and consolidation of stone covering, window and door frame sealing.


The intervention was performed with approved overhead platform, with ca. 90 mt. operating arm. 


The project begins with a careful inspection of facade prospects so as to verify the possible presence of incoherent elements.

Consolidation of the façade, more precisely of the Classic Roman Traventine marble sheeting.

The intervention included the perforation along the crevice of the stone sheeting, performed with 3 mm. diamond tips.


Air-pressure removal of dust buildup in the hole.

Blending with measuring dispensers of A and B bicomponent SINOPIA resin.

Introduction through long-needle syringes, followed by injections with no ejection of the product.

Micro-sanding, were needed, along the cut line.

Sealing of the outside door and window frames, and application of sika outdoor silicon sealant.

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